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The Secret Market | Irish Film & Television Awards Nominations & New Trailer

Congrats to Victoria’s movie The Secret Market for its IFTA nomination for Live-action short and to Victoria herself for a nomination as Actress in a supporting role for her performance in The Lears. So happy for her!

In addition to the nominations, a new trailer for The Secret Market was released. Check out the clip below and HD screencaptures in the gallery.

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2017 – The Secret Market > “IFTA” Trailer – Screencaptures

The Secret Market | Cork Film Fest Selection & New Trailer

The Secret Market is screening Nov 11th at the prestigious @CorkFilmFest. Check out the newest trailer that was released for that occasion and the HD screencaptures in the gallery.

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2017 – The Secret Market > “Cork Film Fest” Trailer – Screencaptures

“It’s fantastic that it’s been blown open” – Irish actress Victoria Smurfit on women making allegations about Harvey Weinstein

Irish actress Victoria Smurfit has applauded the women who have gone public with sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein – and said she hopes it will prevent other “rats” from abusing their power.

The Dubliner spoke out in support of the women who have shared their stories, and added that she feels lucky she’s never had such an experience in her lengthy career.

“I think it’s fantastic that it’s been blown open,” she said.

“Any other rats it’ll put them back in their hole.”

“There are many that have abused their power in any business, and anybody that has done so and knows it, will hopefully step down and away from thinking they can abuse their power again.

“I also think it’s going to give female producers opportunities in ways that they may not have had.

“The problem is, you only need one person to mess it up for the masses. Thank goodness that’s been outed.”

She praised the women who have spoken out, and said she considers herself fortunate not to have had to do so.

“They’re using their power for good, and making an astonishingly difficult choice. I applaud it from the hills, but I’m lucky I never came across it.”

The actress, whose new movie The Secret Market premieres at The Kerry Film Festival this weekend, has joined the cast of Marcella, the smash-hit crime drama that proved a big ratings winner for ITV and Netflix. She’s currently filming series two with Anna Friel in London.

“I play a woman married to a wealthy businessman and all is not as it seems. It’s dark and emotional and clever.

“Being back in London is fantastic, it’s such a real true melting pot.

“I’d heard everybody talking about it but I hadn’t the chance to see it. When I knew I was getting on board, I thought: ‘Ah, I’ll watch episode one’. The next thing you know, the night’s gone and I’ve ploughed through the series and it’s 5am! It’s really compelling viewing so I’m thrilled to be part of it. And I’m getting to be Irish in it, which is great,” she added.

“You only know from script to script who and what you are. You don’t find out whodunnit, every character is a dark shade of grey. You don’t really know until the series fins out who you really are, which is a fascinating way to work.”

The busy actress’s new film, The Secret Market, was shot in Ireland and bows at Kerry Film Festival on Saturday. Directed by Garret Daly, the award-winning sci-fi thriller stars Smurfit as a doctor who’s offered the chance to ‘buy back’ a secret that is about to be revealed about her by mysterious strangers.

“Garret and I had an in-depth chat a few years ago and he came to me and said: ‘We’ve got this idea and we want to make it as a short, will you come and play Dr Amy’.

“I get to read a lot of stuff, I’m very lucky, and I kind of loved that… you know we come from a kind of curtain-twitching community, but now that curtain-twitching community is everywhere because of technology. You can spy on people in all sorts of ways.

“I liked this idea that if you did have this big horrendous secret, and there was a market for it, what you would do and how you would cope. It’s something that almost anyone can relate to, whether it’s a big or a small secret, that you don’t want everybody to know.”


‘The Secret Market’ Premieres at Rhode Island International Film Festival

A new Irish short drama starring Victoria Smurfit (Once Upon a Time) has been officially selected to premiere at the 35th Rhode Island International Film Festival. The Secret Market a contemporary mystery thriller written by Conor Ryan and directed by Martina McGlynn and Garret Daly will hold its world premiere at the Oscar and BAFTA qualifying festival that is ranked one of the top ten film festivals in the US.

Smurfit plays Amy McCarthy, a doctor who has risen through the medical ranks to become chief surgeon. She has a near perfect life until her past comes back to haunt her. The film stars an impressive ensemble of Irish actors including Tadhg Murphy (Black Sails, Vikings), Mark Huberman (Frank, Noble), Camille O’Sullivan (Rebellion), Jonathan White (Love Rosie, Noble) and Eric Lalor (Fair City).

Filmed on location in Ireland throughout Dublin city and Tullamore County Offaly the film was shot by IFTA winning Director of Photography James Mather (Frank, Ripper Street).  Music was composed by Golden Globe nominated and IFTA winning composer Brian Byrne (Albert Nobbs, The Secret Scripture). Sound Design and Mixing was provided by IFTA winner Killian Fitzgerald (Striking Out) at Avatar Post Production while colourist Eugene McCrystal at Outer Limits completed post production.

The film is the debut short from Limerick writer Conor Ryan who is currently in development with Gaumont and Aaron Kaplan on numerous US TV dramas. “Conor’s script is very relevant in an era where personal data and privacy is being threatened in a real way. The script and film forces us all to examine our past, even though we mightn’t want to !” commented filmmaker Martina Mc Glynn.

The Secret Market is produced by Martina McGlynn, Victoria Smurfit and Garret Daly through Mixed Bag Media. Based in County Offaly Ireland, the company’s next project is a feature film based on the 1985 true story of the two boys from Darndale Dublin aged 10 and 13 who were stowaways to New York. The screenplay written by Conor Ryan is in development with the Irish Film Board and is currently scheduled for production in 2018.

‘The Secret Market’ will screen at the 35th Rhode Island International Film Festival Friday August 11th at 9pm at the Vets Cinemathéque in Providence before continuing its festival journey around the world.

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