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Meet Victoria’s new character Maya Whitman

Could you start off by telling us about your character, Maya?
Mays runs a children’s charity called The Whitman Foundation which is going from strength to strength.
She is totally focused on it and she loves the fact her company is helping people. She seems to be quite
wealthy and has come from a good background. She’s married to a man called Vince who didn’t have
the same upbringing; he’s a working class self-made businessman who is quite self-absorbed. His
company is currently receiving negative press and when we meet them their relationship is on rocky
ground and the reputation of his company seems to be damaging their marriage.

Do you like creating back stories for your character?
I think that actors always tend to want to create a back-story together. Jason, who plays my husband
Vince, myself and our first director Charles Martin sat down together and talked it over. In fact, I think
Charles had already talked to Jason, so I’m sure we were being gently steered in a certain direction from
the boss man!

And what was your initial reaction after reading the scripts?
I loved them! I felt confidently confused if that makes sense?! Working on Marcella is like watching it as
a viewer. Even though you have inside information you still seem to respond going ‘Oh my goodness,
what just happened’; it’s quite fascinating.

I’ll be watching series two almost the same as I watched series one – with my jaw dropped, probably a
tiny bit of drool and losing sleep because it’s so compelling.

I had always known after watching the first series that I would love the chance to work with Hans
Rosenfeldt, Tony Wood, Nicola Larder and Anna as it’s just an incredible team.

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